We have over 2,200 safe deposit boxes, available in 21 sizes. Private access, account confidentiality, and the security of a swiss-designed vault are just the tip of the iceberg.


  • Our facility is completely non-smoking.

  • Guests are not allowed access to the vault but can join you in the private viewing rooms.

  • No illegal goods or contraband shall be stored on the premises.

  • Materials classified as hazardous or toxic under any local, state or federal law are strictly prohibited.

  • Twenty(20) days written notice is required to vacate, with a one month minimum.

  • Firearms: Absolutely NO loaded weapons, all weapons must be in a case/bag: ammunition stored separately.


Valuables which are too numerous or oversized to fit into a regular safe deposit box are stored in an open rack portion of the secured vault. These items are carefully numbered before being tagged, catalogued and placed within their assigned location of the "Oversized Area". Tenants may view their items as they are placed or withdrawn from this section of the vault.

The cost for the "Oversized Area" is $9.00 per cubic foot per month.


Our secure firearms storage program enables you to place your collection in the ideal storage environment. Your collection will be secured from theft, environmental hazards, and is accessible on weekdays.

Requirements for storing firearms: Absolutely NO loaded firearms. All firearms MUST be cased/bagged. Ammunition stored separately.


As artwork is variable in both its size and quantity, a customized quote will be prepared to meet your specific art storage requirements.